Bass Days, March 30th and July 18th

On April 1st (an it is not an April’s fool),
Institut for Bass Sciences declared another Bass Day, July 18.
All recommendations below are valid for both Bass Days.

Here are few hints how to celebrate Bass Day:

Ideas for altos and sopranos for their beloved bass (or more of them) on a Bass Day:

  • give them a call or a visit and sing a song or two,
  • prepare a surprise party where you and your fellow singers sing All About the Bass and other choir hits that praise bass virtues,
  • bake them a cake (in a form of a bass clef).

What conductors can do for basses on Bass Day:

  • leave them be and for once do not try to change them,
  • do not pick musical pieces, unfriendly to basses, such as bass lines that include small thirds or other nasty intervals, songs without long notes or pauses, or those where the composer did not allow enough time for the bass to prepare for their entry.

How to celebrate if you are a bass?

  • start preparations early not to be late. The end of February seems like a good time,
  • if you were too late and missed it, no problem – since the discovery of the bass phenomenon, Bass Day could be equally well celebrated or congratulated with a delay,
  • you ardently explain about Bass Day to all people you know and also to the ones you don’t know,
  • you call your fellow bass or more of them and wish them Happy Bass Holidays,
  • you organize a bass symposium – get together with at least one other bass and toast with an appropriate drink.